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OKC Loud Links: Revenue Sharing Links

The hot topic of the day is revenue sharing, as the NBA's owners met yesterday to start their work on coming up with a plan to make the league as a whole more financially viable. Just remember though, revenue sharing is a profit-balancing method, not a competitive balance method.

Hunter's Numbers are WAY Off the Mark | Sports Illustrated

This post by Lowe is important because it zeros in on the fallibility of both sides of the arguments in this lockout. As much as we have vilified the owners for not being forthright with their financial reporting, the NBPA deserves some scorn as well if they are willing to make the public argument that only a handful of players are being overpaid.

NBA Owners' Mutual Dependence Outweighs Divisions | NY Times

Here is another unofficial head count for which owners are pushing for what. Very good read.

Players Worth Far More Than 50-50 Split | ESPN

For some reason, this article made me irrationally angry. And you would not like me when I'm angry. I tend to do bad things, like write strongly worded letters.

A Call to Inaction | ESPN

Scoop argues that if the players really mean what they say, then they should sit out indefinitely. Scoop is right, and the players won't. 

25 Worst Nicknames in History | Bleacher Report

I'm actually going to go in the opposite direction - nicknames are meant to be 'bad.' That's what makes them awesome. I also never knew that Corey Maggette's nickname was "bad porn," but I find my day strangely fulfilled now that I do.

Owners Talk Revenue Sharing | ESPN

The owners met yesterday to start the process of figuring out an equitable way to share revenues. We'll have more as the details are revealed.

More links after the jump.

Durant Gives Back During Lockout | The Moore American

This review of Kevin Durant's charity game notes that as part of the proceeds, Durant was able to donate $100,000 to the charity, the Single Parents Foundation.

The Problem With Revenue Sharing | ESPN

Welcome to the hayride, Mr. Arnovitz. Seriously though, this subtly persuasive piece is a good refresher on the nature of moral hazard.

Revenue Sharing as Profit Equalizer, Not Competitive Balancer | SB Nation

Ziller follows up on Arnovitz' piece by noting something that we've written about here as well - revenue sharing is an ending point, not a beginning point, for franchise balance. It does little for competitive balance, but could do a great deal for team viability.

We All Deserve More | Negative Dunkalectics

This is an impassioned piece not only on the nature of the lockout but the broader scope that grips our nation. Although I have to admit the thrust of the post makes me think of this quote:

"Deserve ain't got nothing to do about it." - Snoop

Great Seeing You Again | Hardwood Paroxysm

I enjoyed this post because it reminded me of all of the memorable teams that have been assembled over the years, most of whom never won a championship. I think my personal favorite would have to be the Sacramento Kings of the early '00's. It was basketball as it was meant to be.

Five Best Things of Last Season | ESPN

I agree with everybody's #1. 

The Real Problem With Michael Beasley | Basketball Prospectus

Pruiti tackles the enigma that is Michael Beasley. He kind of reminds me of Zach Randolph in a sense; Beasley's entire life needs a structure and a framework so that he can fully maximize his gifts.

Breaking News: Hunter Does NOT Think Stern is Racist | Ball Don't Lie

Hopefully this comment by Billy Hunter will put to bed this ridiculous debate.