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OKC Loud Links: Troubled Waters

The waters ahead look rough and foreboding for the lockout negotiations. Also, Serge Ibaka may stay in Spain. Good times.

Serge Ibaka Signs With Real Madrid | SB Nation

Ibaka has signed on for two months with Spain's team. He was nationalized in Spain a few months ago in order to compete in Eurobasket, and apparently he likes it there. Fair enough, but I bet he'll start to miss all of that great American cuisine after a while. 

Will Jazz Return to Profitability? | SLC Dunk

Our Jazz brethren pick up on a great study of the Utah Jazz ownership group and examine how this small market franchise has been able to thrive.

Where Owners Stand on the Lockout | LA Times

I think this article is more speculation than true possession of inside knowledge, but the speculation is not without merit. The mystery man seems to be the Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck.

Will the fans Come Back? |

One of the great mysteries in this lockout is how the owners and players view the fans. Up to this point, I think it is a no-brainer that the players think the fans are much more fickle in their spending habits than the owners do. I think the players are probably right.

B.S. Report: Billy Hunter | Grantland

Simmons gets a lengthy interview with Union head Billy Hunter and does his best to get answers from a man who is almost as polished in giving non-answers as David Stern is.

Two Guys Already Know How Lockout Will End |

This writer actually has some legitimate bona fides (he's a former NBA beat writer) and his article here is earning him high praise in various circles. However, to take a contrarian position, I just find it highly dubious that Stern and Hunter are somehow orchestrating an "Oceans 11" type charade when the men sitting behind them are much more powerful than they. In the movies, we call such things "plot holes."

At Long Last, Crunch Time | Sheridan Hoops

It seems like all parties involved were kind of waiting for this moment.

More links after the jump.

Portland Takes Center Stage | Sports Illustrated

Something seems afoot in Oregon, as Paul Allen emerged as a lockout voice at seemingly the worst possible time.

Stern Must Balance Viability and Visibility | NY Times

One thing is for certain, the lockout has received plenty of visibility. Maybe that's not what the author means, however.

NBA Cancels Another Round of Games, But No Tears Shed | Ball Don't Lie

And here is where Kelly Dwyer reaches his tipping point. One after another, they all fall.

NBA Job Losses Near 400 | Sporting News

The total includes about 200 in the NBA's league office and another 200 spread out across the 30 teams.

Deadline Tight to Finalize Global Tour | Yahoo! Sports

Who would have thought that organizing a globe-trotting tour involving multiple countries would prove so difficult.

Things You Can Learn from the Lockout | Hardwood Paroxysm

One thing I have learned - emotion, even negative emotion, is still better than indifference.

Jeff Foster is Shrewd, Frugal | Eight Points, Nine Seconds

We have heard repeatedly that players knew what was on the horizon and so have been preparing for such eventualities. Jeff Foster, who usually showed up in the news for getting dunked on, has set himself up quite nicely.

Michael Beasley's Charity Game Did Not Go Well | Ball Don't Lie

I am reminded of Simmons' "intellectual capital" comment that got him in so much hot water recently. This is sort of a real life example of what he was talking about. There is a difference between intelligence and competency, and if someone has not been trained in how to do such things as organize a basketball game, well, that incompetence is going to eventually show.