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OKC Loud Links: Kevin Durant and OKC Shine in Exhibition

Early reviews are in, and by all accounts Kevin Durant's charity exhibition yesterday evening was a smashing success. Despite missing a few players due to injury (Blake Griffin) or airplane issues (John Wall), the OKC crowd was thoroughly entertained by a complete pro basketball experience. We will have more here later, but for now I think this quote that Royce Young at Daily Thunder extracted says it well:

"Guys don't get paid to play in these games. Guys come out here because of how much respect they have for KD." - Chris Paul

It is evident that Durant has earned the respect from his seniors in the league not merely because of his basketball ability, but because of his willingness to lead, his service to others, and the respect and dignity he shows to everyone.

Basketball! | Daily Thunder

Young gives a great write-up of his personal experience at Durant's charity exhibition game.

Durant Brings Basketball Back to OKC | NewsOK

Mayberry finally gets to write about Thunder basketball again. He takes particular note of the fact that Durant brought on their rookie Reggie Jackson to join the all-stars. By the looks of it, he was a little bit star-struck.

Proactively Mourning the NBA | Grantland

Simmons runs down a list of things he knows he will miss if the season is canceled. I do kind of wonder why he seems to be secretly rooting for Durant and Russell Westbrook to have their "balcony" moment. 

Remember | Hardwood Paroxysm

The Thunder are important to the path we've left and the direction we're heading, and it is all part of this wonderful game.

What We Know and Don't Know | CBS Sports

Indeed, we do not know what happened in the Board of Governors meeting, and that meeting, which occurred right before the owners issued an ultimatum via Paul Allen seems to have been the linchpin. 

Why You Should Not Side With the Owners | Behind the Basket

Blott lays out concisely why he things siding with the owners in this lockout is a very bad idea.

Are Owners Uniquely Suited to Usher the League Forward? | SB Nation

Well, yes and no. But you have to earn the right to sit at the table.


More links after the jump.


Lockout Positive: NBA Lockout League | Basketbawful

Evil Ted approves.

Sigh | Hardwood Hype

Another fan throws in the towel. But as he freely admits, he will be back. That is kind of what the owners are banking on.

Having Your Cake and Eating it Too | Forum Blue and Gold

This writer likens the owners' position to that of a blowout victory. The owners seem to want to win at all turns. As the writer notes though, fans rarely stick around for the endings of blowouts.

Rose Garden Usher Opens Up His Books | Blazers Edge

An usher at the Trail Blazers' Rose Garden has decided to come forward to talk about how the lockout will impact him personally. Interestingly, he has to do it anonymously because even stadium workers have had gag orders applied to them.

It's Easy for You to Say | Hardwood Paroxysm

As much as we think we know, and even if we do know some things, the truth of the matter is unless we're in the situation either the players or owners are, we don't really know what the right move is.

Deron Williams Finding Turkey to be Different | Ball Don't Lie

Cue the Captain Renault quote.

Van Gundy Unleashed | HoopSpeak

I'd pay to see him rock out. At least $7.50.

It's Your Fault | HoopSpeak

I'm still struggling to figure out what this post means.