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Kevin Durant's KD IV Release Date, Retail Price Announced

Update: If you want to see all of the Colorways of the KDIV, click here and here.

Via the Basketball Jones:


Yep, the expected has happened. After a full season of stuntin' in our KD IIIs, it's time for the KD IVs. Given the success of the KD IIIs, these should sell like hotcakes, even with the lockout going on.

The shoes will be released December 3rd in this colorway, and will retail for $95. Heck, with the money you're saving on tickets and/or League Pass, these shoes are hella affordable. Other colorways should release in early to mid 2012.

I'm not normally a proponent of the modern style going on nowadays, but these shoes are pretty sick. The tounge no longer had the silly hole in it the KD IIIs had, and the velcro strap is a nice touch. The mesh on the side is well placed, and isn't in a spot that will result in tearing after extended wear.

I'm always a fan of shoes with no white, so I could see myself wearing a pair with these colorways. But the swoosh over the velcro strap is a bit questionable, and looks kinda cheap in my opinion. Overall though, it's far better than the previous KD incarnations, in my opinion.

For Comparison: KD IIIs, KD IIs, KD Is

Below: More Pics! (Via