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Mediation Fallout: Hopes Dashed

In perusing the reporting on yesterday's mediation fallout, optimism is, not surprisingly, running low. Hey, speaking of Lowe...

(I know...turrible. but let's try not to freak out.)

Hopes of Progress Dashed in Labor Negotiations | Sports Illustrated

Zach Lowe does a good job remaining above the emotional fray and works to examine the negotiating points. You would be well-served to read his examination in full, but for the sake of record and brevity, here are the main points that are still the matters of contention:

  • The revenue split still seems to be about $100 million apart, or about $1 billion over the course of the 10 year deal the owners want.
  • The owners' base rate of the luxury tax proposal has softened but still remains too punitive for the players' tastes. The players would also like a higher luxury tax threshold, which allows greater player movement.
  • Restricted free agency is receiving some attention, such as shortening the matching offer period and fully guaranteed qualifying offers.
  • Owners have backed off of their push to limit players' Bird Rights.
  • The mid-level exception appears to be one of the rare cases where players and owners are close to agreement with regards to length and value.