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OKC Loud Links: The Day After

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Kind of a depressing reality, isn't it? So, to cheer myself up, a few choice quotes from one of my favorite '80's movies when I was growing up:

Grigg: "I've always wanted to fight a desperate battle against incredible odds." 


First Officer: "We're locked into the Moon's gravitational pull, what do we do?"

Commander Krill: "We Die."

Gosh, maybe I'm starting to crack too, just like...

Good Luck Finding Someone Who Cares | CBS Sports

I've noticed that every serious writer who has covered the lockout hits a breaking point. It looks like Berger just hit his.

10 Myths Driving the NBA to Armageddon | SB Nation

I find point #10 the most interesting, because I too wondered what a little thing like the flu might have on the negotiations. It might be one of the more fascinating yet marginal 'what if's' of this whole ordeal.

Paul Allen Emerges as Latest Lockout Villain | CBS Sports

When we talk about irrationality in the midst of these labor negotiations, we would do well to keep a portrait of billionaire Blazers owner Paul Allen nearby. Kevin Garnett, you're off the hook for now.

NBPA: You've Had It | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyer was not impressed with the union's rant they displayed after the mediation failed.

Creating Shots in the Clutch | Hickory High

Levy is back with some more interesting and useful analytics. This time out, he has tweaked the Basketball Prospectus guys' clutch gauge to create a derivative that he calls the "clutch creation gauge." It yields some very interesting results that says some things about the Thunder's make-up.

NBA Players Haven't Really Hit the Jackpot | Wages of Wins

While the apples-to-oranges comparison is a bit strained, the underlying concept about the majority of players' true financial prospects remains an under-represented reality of the NBA's financial state.

10 Most Superhuman Plays of the Millennium | Men's Fitness

Yes, I'm linking to a Men's Fitness article and yes, most of these clips are very old. On the other hand, I will never get tired of watching Russell Westbrook dunk on Shane Battier.

NBA Stars Planning Overseas Tour | CBS Sports

It isn't like there will be much going on domestically, so why not?

HoopSpeak Live: Episode 23 | HoopSpeak

The boys at HS hosted a great show that featured Larry Coon and media personality Bomani Jones. And I know you are not surprised to hear that the movie "Space Jam" came up.

More links after the jump

Shot Fiction: Serge Ibaka Joins the Stars | Hardwood Paroxysm

Schiller imagines the hunger that will be present in the Thunder whenever they take the court again. Also, the idea of Dwight Howard heading westward makes me want to throw up.

NBA's Most Overpaid, Underpaid | ESPN

Coon takes a break from the CBA stuff to find out which players are pushing the meter when it comes down to how a team spends its money. 

No, You're Wrong: Part 2 | Hardwood Paroxysm

In which the lockout is compared to Taylor Hicks' post-Idol career.

No Easy Answer to Competitive Balance Issue | Sports Illustrated

Lowe tries to tackle again the most amorphous issue that floats about the lockout. What exactly does 'competitive balance' mean, and is it even possible? If we cannot define these two concepts, then why is it such a central facet of the entire lockout ordeal?

Mighty Macs | Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert reviews a new movie that comes out today that chronicles the story of a women's basketball coach who is married to NBA veteran referee Ed Rush. You might be shocked to hear that referees once again do not come across very well.

NBA Outsourcing: Part 2 | Hardwood Paroxysm

Schiller continues his great series in analyzing pro players who have taken up roster spots in Israel.

Did Duncan and LeBron Cause the Lockouts? | Wages of Wins

It is more of a rhetorical discussion prompter than anything else, but I think this idea underscores something fundamental - when teams attempt to go against the grain to move ahead, there are ripple effects that are far-reaching.