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Blake Griffin's New Kia Optima Commercial

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Via The Basketball Jones and The Morning Animals' Facebook Page:

In lieu of Blake Griffin showing up at this Sunday's USFleetTracking Basketball Invitational, I give you this:

It's a 30 second commercial, so I don't have anything of worth to add. But I think J.E. Skeets said it best:

The best part about Blake Griffin’s new Kia Optima commercial is not the ramp, hot potato phonograph gag, or the laugh-out-loud dunk animation. It’s the two-second shot (around the 0:25 mark) when Blake, still in rollerskates, showcases the mid-priced car like one of Bob Barker’s Beauties.

Heck yeah. I'll take a Price is Right reference any day. Though, I wouldn't be a fan of him showing off a lunge machine or anything like that. I think he should reserve that for the ladies.

Speaking of the Price is Right, I think Stern and Fisher should go on the old Barker version of the show.

"The BRI of the players at the end of this lockout will be 52%. Higher or Lower?"