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ESPN the Mag: Kevin Durant Earns Lockout MVP

Kevin Durant is going to be featured prominently in ESPN Magazine's October 31 issue, but fortunately for us, you can read the well-written article by Allison Glock now. 

Kevin Can Wait | ESPN

It is a lengthy piece that covers much of the same ground we've read before. Even so, I think it is good that Durant is being escorted into the forefront, despite the fact that he doesn't really want to be. He comes across in this article as everything we've come to know: humble, earnest, hard-working, family-oriented, focused, and more comfortable with himself than when he first entered the league. Which is not to say that the NBA needs more of people just like Durant, but more players who are willing to be honest about who they really are, especially to themselves. For the sake of comparison, Kobe Bryant became much more interesting when he dropped all the MJ clone pretense and just started showing who he really was, cynicism and all, and it is a lesson that LeBron James would do well to learn himself. Reality is always more interesting.

Out of all the anecdotes in the story, I think this one is my favorite:

[Durant is] excited about his upcoming birthday. He's celebrating in Miami. There will be a party on a yacht, then later at a club. "It's going to be great," he says eagerly. "My mom is planning it!"