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OKC Loud Links: Take 3

The mediation meeting moved along yesterday, but nary a conclusion was reached. The meeting will continue today around 2PM. If there is one sense that I get, which gives me guarded optimism, is that this process has had a clarifying effect for all the parties involved. They are finally getting a true sense as to where things stand and how far the gap is that must be bridged. 

Cohen, and We, Need a Drink | CBS Sports

Berger argues that without the constant noise coming from both camps, some of the big gaps in the negotiation have become more obvious.

Talks Will Continue in NYC | Ball Don't Lie

Here is my $64,000 question - are both sides really listening to what George Cohen is saying?

Durant and Wall's Summer of Fun | Bleacher Report

Bethlehem Shoals writes about the amazing summer that was had by a number of players, and that experience was in large part driven by Durant and John Wall.

Lockout Schedule Infographic | Hoopism

Truly they have a dizzying intellect.

3% | Hardwood Paroxysm

This is a good post that looks at how small and how large a 3% gap really can be.

Into the Arms of the NHL | Grantland

Simmons writes that the lockout has caused him to do something he never would have done previously - buy NHL season tickets. Really though, this is a great post on what happens when an entity stops looking forward.

Optimizing a Basketball Shot | Wired

La te xi t 1 1

More links after the jump.

Canceled Opportunities | Hardwood Paroxysm

Loyalty is fleeting this days. 

How the Pacers Rank According to their Peers | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

This is something we did here during the regular season - instead of creating our own ranking, we pooled everybody else's. 

Rogue of the Week: Players Who Point Fingers (Not Named Fisher) | Behind the Basket

Blott takes on the players this time around, addressing the many, including most recently Derek Rose, who should best be left sticking to the script that the mediator asked for all participants - silence.

Taking Sports Out of the Context of Planet Earth | Sactown Royalty

Ziller lays it out as to why he is rooting for the players in this messy CBA ordeal.

Owners Deserve Blame, Players Don't Deserve Support | CBS Sports

Doyel makes a good observation in that players, while not damaging themselves in the way that they did in the last lockout, don't help the situation much by speaking about the negotiations.

Tim Tebow Trumps Durant for ESPN Cover | NewsOK

Mayberry writes that Tim Tebow has supplanted Kevin Durant for the ESPN Mag cover. I'm sure Durant is crestfallen.

Nowitzki Can't Throw Out First Pitch | SB Nation

Just to prove that the NBA still has nothing on Major League Baseball, MLB has forbidden Dirk Nowitzki from throwing out the first pitch in the World Series in order to present a unified front across all team owners. In a way, things like this are good because it gives us a much clearer view at what really resonates amongst the select few.