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OKC Loud Links: Take 2

Yesterday's 16 hour marathon mediation meeting yielded little in terms of tangible outcome, but it must be going somewhere because both sides agreed to start it up again today. Read the tea leaves in whatever way you can, but I think that the fact that they're still willing to talk is promising.

CBA Session Ends, More Talks Planned | ESPN

Ford writes that while it is good that the meeting will resume, unnamed sources indicate that the progress has only been on small issues.

Marathon Mediation = More Meetings | CBS Sports

In the words of William Goldman, "nobody knows anything."

Little Progress Made | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyer notes that the owners are finally acting in good faith. Hmmm...

Rescheduling Games Won't Be Easy | LA Times

Even if Season is Saved, Rescheduling Could be Prohibitive, according to this story.

Mediator Trying to Save the Season | NY Post

Check out this quote:

"George is the only guy I've seen as smart as David Stern. And David knows it."

Derek Fisher: Face of the Union | NY Times

Derek Fisher might emerge as the guy in the best light when all is said and done. Good profile.

Durant's Charity Game is the Hot Ticket | NewsOK

Kevin Durant's charity game, scheduled for October 23, is quickly approaching sell-out status. If you're in OKC and interested in going, jump on it quick. If you cannot be there, the good news is that the game is going to be televised on the Cox channel.

Glitches Mar Ticket Sales for Durant's Charity Game | Daily Thunder

Young has been tracking the ticket sales for Durant's game and notes that despite the technical problems, there are still tickets to be had.

7 Alternate Time Lines For Longest Meeting Ever | SB Nation

"Hey Fish. We got a deal yet?" 

Yeah, I laughed.

Eric Maynor and J. Cole | Slam Online

Eric Maynor steps into a conference call with musician J. Cole and the two touch on a number of subjects that bind their childhoods together.

Durant Working Out With LeBron | Twitter

According to Broussard, Kevin Durant is in Akron for a few days to work out with LeBron James. As much as I enjoyed rooting against LeBron in last year's playoffs, I know that these two men each have something to share with the other that is much needed for each of them to matriculate.

More links after the jump.

Goodman League Swag Now Available | HoopSpeak

Mason spots Goodman League gear is now on sale, so if you want to look like locked-out Kevin Durant for Halloween, here is your means to do so.

Aldrich Anxious for Season to Start | Joplin Globe

Cole Aldrich has been spending his time with Nick Collison in Kansas working to get ready for the season. I am hopeful that spending quality time with Collison will pay great dividends for Aldrich on the court.

Will Smith to Purchase a Share of the 76ers | Ball Don't Lie

Cue the theme music.

Fans are Left to Wait | Star Tribune

Competitive balance remains an integral issue for teams that reside in cities like Minnesota.

Bryant Gumble: Still a Twit | NBC

Bryant Gumble has done a great job retaining all of the sourness and dourness that has defined his career. Back when Rick Reilly was still relevant, he wrote the most definitive piece on Gumble ever written.

Are Owners Using a Cheat Sheet to Win? | Wages of Wins

We have examined the aggregate level of what happens when the players' percentage of BRI is diminished. Galetti examines it from a micro standpoint and notes that the discrepancy for most players is actually very small.

Kirlenko, Krstic Celebrate CSKA Moscow With Dance Medley | Ball Don't Lie

Former Thunder center Nenad Krstic is over in Russia to represent CSKA Moscow, and NOW IS THE TIME ON SPROCKETS WHEN WE DANZ.

Memphis Might Sue the NBA | Fox News

The city of Memphis is pondering whether it can sue the NBA for canceling games. Those games provide the revenue the city needs to pay off the bonds used to build their stadium.

Shannon Brown: NBA Wants to Get the Girl | Ball Don't Lie

Honestly, I think Shannon Brown understands this thing better than Dwyer does.