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Kevin Durant Radio Interview: "We're Not Trying to Get More Money"

Kevin Durant dropped in on The Sports Animal radio show to chat for a bit on the lockout situation as well as his exhibition barnstorming adventures.

Kevin Durant Radio Interview | Sports Radio Interviews

Please be sure to click through the link to see the entire transcript. I've excerpted a few of his comments below.

On how the tour of exhibition games organized by players came about earlier during the lockout:

"I think it just starts its own self. When guys play in summer leagues throughout the summer, with us having this extended offseason, it was just so much fun you just had to keep it going. And guys like to play under the whistle. We started off with one in Baltimore where all the guys - LeBron, Carmelo, CP, myself - we all played in that one and since then guys just started to schedule them and they just got better and better. So I wanted to do one in OKC for awhile now, and it's started to come together now and I can't wait."

On the players fighting not only for the present but also the future:

"...I think we're doing what we need to make sure the players have a fair deal."

On what his message is to fans that think the negotiations are still ongoing because of players being greedy:

"Well first of all, we're not trying to get more money. We already gave up money, we sacrificed money in our negotiating to try to make a deal. But the owners won't budge."

On his Texas Longhorns losing consecutive games to OU and OSU:

"I still hate Oklahoma, but OSU is alright in my mind."