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Kevin Durant Scores 56 Points in Philly-Goodman League Exhibition

Over the weekend, Kevin Durant joined John Wall, Lou Williams, and a number of other players to play in the Philly league vs. Goodman League exhibition. Durant led all scorers with 56 points, most coming either from his 3-point shooting (8-19) or (shimmy-shake) the free throw line. 

Team Philly Defeats Team Goodman | Washington Times

John Wall showed up late but was still able to entertain the crowd with an array of highlights. Philadelphia's Lou Williams also performed well in front of the crowd, scoring 53 points for team Philly.

All told, about 1,200 fans got a chance to enjoy the theatrics, but you can sense a feeling of weariness on the part of the players:

"You get bored after a while. It's fun to play, its fun to give people in the community the opportunity to see NBA players play, if they can't see a real game in person, but after a while, you want to get back to real basketball." - John Wall