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OKC Loud Links: Are We Nearing the End?

Or are we going to watch both sides become even more entrenched in their respective negotiation positions? We'll be hearing from the fans all day, and we will have a separate post for that. In the meantime, here are some other links for your enjoyment/time-wasting.

Superstars Aren't the Best Deals in the NBA | SB Nation

As we wrote earlier, Dwyane Wade made news when he said that NBA superstars' salaries would skyrocket if the salary cap were removed, thus making superstar salaries a bargain at current prices. However, Ziller writes that there is an even greater deal at teams' disposal. Thunder fans should know this all too well.

Lockout FAQ | ESPN

This FAQ, being written by Coon, Abbott, and Stein, may be a running feature. We'll keep an eye on it to see if the post gets updated.

Avoiding the Lockout | Grantland

Simmons lets go of some steam in taking to task everyone involved with the CBA fiasco, including one group, the superagents, who have gone through this relatively unscathed despite the fact that they're driving most of what divides the groups.

CBA Talk: Contracts End | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

Three sides to every story.

NBA Puts Hope in Federal Mediator | NY Post

This quote, coming from one of mediator George Cohen's peers, is promising:

"This arbritrator is an extraordinary individual...The thing about him is, he's not just good, fair, insightful. He doesn't have a big ego, there's no pretense to him. It would be impossible for the owners not to respect this man. I've met thousands of lawyers in my life. He may be the best one I've ever seen."

Open Letter to Billy Hunter | CNBC

Rovell pens an open letter to Mr. Hunter, making the stakes plain as can be. The players have no leverage, and the only thing that could have given them leverage went out the window a long time ago.

NBA Has Always Been About Dynasties |

Aldridge splashes some cold water on the realistic notion of "competitive balance." At the end of the day, the NBA simply is not like other pro sports, and the influence of the superstar is the reason why.

More links after the jump.

Westbrook at 15? | Daily Thunder

Young examines ESPN's player rankings, wondering if the 15 spot is fair for Russell Westbrook. While there is some luster in the players immediately behind Westbrook (Tim Duncan, Rajon Rondo), the argument for me is this: a top 15 player should have the ability to be able to win games by himself. Can Westbrook do that? Really, if you watched the Thunder last season (especially the first 30 games) you shouldn't even have to ask that question.

The Rise of Estimated Statistics | Clips Nation

This is a good piece, part of a series, that works sort of like a "...For Dummies" guide to understanding advanced statistics. I missed the first two posts, but you can find them embedded at the link.

Podcast: Impact of Lockout Strategies on Fans and Economies | Wages of Wins

This is a bit wonky, but if you're interested in listening to the guys pull apart the vagaries of the lockout, this is worth a listen.

Players Might As Well Relent Now | Palm Beach Post

The players' foothold is sliding; while they may regain a better grip in the future, it will almost certainly be lower than where they are now.

Jerry West Discusses Battle With Depression | Ball Don't Lie

The logo, Jerry West, is one of the most important figures in the history of the NBA, and now his willingness to go on the record to describe his battle with depression should only increase the admiration due to him.

Q&A With Warriors Coach Mark Jackson | Grantland

Mama, there goes that man.

10 OKC Halloween Costume Ideas for 2011 | The Lost Ogle

Russell Westbrook makes the list, but surprisingly, David Stern does not.

Word of the Day: Logocrous | Basketbawful

Nice payoff at the end, Evil Ted.

Westbrook's Snack Time |

Westbrook admires Lamar Odom's dedication to nutrition