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Pre-Season Game 2 Recap: Oklahoma City Thunder 0, Dallas Mavericks 0

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Imagine this....except without all of the people.
Imagine this....except without all of the people.

Yahoo! Sports Box Score:

In what would have a few weeks ago become the NBA's first scoreless tie since 1999, the Dallas Mavericks and Oklahoma City Thunder failed to score any points last night, and the game was not counted against either team's record. Neither of the team's players decided to participate, and no tickets were sold for the game.

The game itself, nevertheless, was intense. During the second quarter, a balloon fell from the rafters, after being stuck there during last night's Dallas Stars vs. Columbus Blue Jackets game. The fall was quick and painless, as the balloon had no helium and baloons can feel no pain.

The action really picked up in the third quarter when a cockroach entered the arena and started running around. According to reports, the cockroach partook in some leftover popcorn left under a seat, and nudged a few dust bunnies.

But it all lead to the finale in the fourth quarter, when a maintenance worker entered the arena and started looking around. Eventually, he found a jacket in Section 105, which had been left there last night by a Stars fan. The drama didn't end there though, as the maintenance worker executed a excellent hanging maneuver in putting the jacket in the arena's lost and found to be collected later. This clutch move sealed the tie, as Thunder and Mavericks fans everywhere collectively sighed because there was no TV Coverage of the event.

I wasn't really impressed by the popcorn's performance when it was eaten by the cockroach. It could have set a pick with the kernels and avoided consumption. Additionally, the jacket should have been eaten last night, during the arena's routine post-game cleaning. I don't have much to say about the whole "balloon" incident, but there are still three balloons hanging in the rafters, waiting to be rescued.

Moving forward, the Thunder are 0-0, and simultaneously tied for first and last in the Western Conference Pre-Season standings. The Dallas Mavericks are in a similar boat, and if things continue as they are, they will both tie for the NBA Championship.

Next Game: Versus the Denver Nuggets, Friday, October 21st, 7 PM Central Daylight Time.