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OKC Loud Links: Sad Stern

David Stern was at his most dour yesterday afternoon on WFAN, and by now the rhetoric is pretty tiresome. It does the league little good (as does the NBPA's hashtag endeavor) to say "we're ready to make a deal," when in reality the missing clause to that statement ("we're ready to make a deal if you concede this to us") has not changed.

Stern: Tuesday's Meeting Could Decide the Fate of the Season | WFAN

I understand the predicament Stern is in, but it would be nice if he didn't default to the passive voice so often.

"We Have Prepared for This Fight" | Washington Post

I am quite interested to see if Maurice Evans' statement is true.

Stern: Deal or Despair by Tuesday | CBS Sports

Stern's words through Berger's eyes.

Five Lockout Thoughts | ESPN

Abbott writes about some interesting topics, including this one - are NBA players actually devaluing themselves by playing overseas?

Lockout Has Made Stern a Parody of Himself | SB Nation

Ziller writes that Stern's doom and gloom public statements has essentially pushed him into a political arena where reality seems to have become detached and we're left to wonder why he keeps saying things that are truth-bending.

More links after the jump.

A Plan to Solve the Lockout Cap Situation | Commission Granted ere is one fan's comprehensive strategy to resolve the lockout by addressing the salary cap.

NBA Outsourcing: Week 1 | Hardwood Paroxysm

Schiller is beginning a fascinating series where he looks at four players who have made their way over to Israel to play.

Chris Mullin Teaches Broadway Star to Shoot | Ball Don't Lie

Chris Mullin was a jump shooting machine back in the day, so he's been called on to help a Broadway performer look the part of a basketball player. I think it would have been particularly devious if, instead of recruiting the soft-shooting Mullin to teach her, they got someone like Bill Cartwright. I might even actually want to see that kind of play.

HoopSpeak Live: Episode 22 | HoopSpeak

Check out the HoopSpeak guys' latest video cast, where among others they bring on the great Rob Mahoney of the Mavs' blog The Two Man Game.

'Melo Opens Up About the Lockout | Sports Illustrated

In which Zach Lowe calls Carmelo Anthony 'top 20' material.

Amare Stoudemire: "The Smelliest NBA Player Is..." | SB Nation

I'm glad we have that question answered.

NBA TV: Reruns and Not Much Else | Ball Don't Lie

In between the Teen Wolf marathons, it might do them well to show "Hoop Dreams" or something.