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OKC Loud Links: Drawing Board

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With the first two weeks of the season canceled and a chunk more approaching the conveyor belt of doom, both sides of the negotiation go back to the drawing board. Now that the parameters of the deal have changed, both sides essentially have to start over. I am interested to see how urgent the two sides are to get back to the table and deal.

Players Beware: It's a Cold-Blooded Financial World | Sports Righting

It is just business.

NBA Fans Got Screwed a Long Time Ago | Denver Stiffs

Our Nuggets brethren write a good post on how this lockout is really a culmination of events that date back much further than this current lockout. The big facet, which Feinstein discusses, is the fact that demand for the NBA has been pushed, not by organic fan growth, but by corporate interests, which has probably inflated the pricing point for game consumption.

Thunder React to Game Cancellations | Daily Thunder

Young pools a number of player tweets after it was announced that part of the season has been canceled. 

NBA Forgetting About Key Players | Sports Illustrated

Lowe makes a great observation - the lockout is purportedly about the freedom of player movement (or alternatively, the aversion of risk of contract duration), but the league is only interested in the right kind of player moving around. 

Sefolosha to Sign With Turkish Club | NewsOK

Thabo Sefolosha has agreed to sign with Turkish club Fenerbahce Ulker. His contract will have an out-clause, which allows Sefolosha to return to OKC if and when the lockout is lifted. 

Road to Deal Hits Unnecessary Speed Bump | CBS Sports

Berger is confused, a little mad, and sets a record for references to a throw-away joke from a classic 1980's movie

The players' allegiance to a four-year, mid-level exception starting at $5 million is puzzling, considering that mid-level mistakes are the moves that get teams in the most trouble. Plus, if players are guaranteed a split, money subtracted from mid-level contracts would simply go to other, perhaps more deserving, players.

Puzzling? I'm not sure why. It seems pretty self-evident to me.

Jared Dudley Dishes on Lockout | HoopsWorld

Jared Dudley, a primary player rep for the Suns, provides a very good interview here where he represents the players' position better than most. While he argues well for the players' position, he also notes that players bear the responsibility of managing their affairs amidst this loss of income period.

More links after the jump.

Jared Dudley Thinks You Might be a Fool | Hardwood Paroxysm

Lynch chimes in on Dudley's stance about personal responsibility, and how there is very little excuse for players to experience financial hardship if they were under contract previously.

NBA Owners to Players: This is a Stickup! | Huffington Post

Berri writes about the script the NBA is following, which will eventually lead to the players capitulating. There really is no other alternative at this point, because the players did not use their offensive weapons in time.

With No Games, Barkley Might Give Salary to Charity | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyer reports that Charles Barkley is considering either deferring or donating his 2011-12 salary if no games are played, but also notes that even if Barkley does not, he is still justified in keeping it.

NBA Cancels Games, World Yawns |

One of the elements that may be revealed in this lockout is the general fan's interest in the NBA before January.

NBA's Class of 1993: So Far, So Good | Hardwood Hype

Here is another retro-look at the early 90's NBA. How far removed are we? In that year, the Warriors won 50 games and a playoff spot.

Stern Won't Win Lockout Because He Doesn't Want To | SB Nation

Ziller argues that Stern's master plan has more to do with incremental evolution, rather than getting the 'W.'

The Lost Season: Peja Stojakovic 03-04 | Hardwood Paroxysm

I wish the Sacramento Kings of the early 00's had broken through to a championship, because then we would have more reason to remember and reflect on what a pure and wonderful form of basketball they played. Peja Stojakovic was a big reason why.

LockoutBeardThuggin | Twitter

James Harden will not be a spokesman for Gillette any time soon.