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Polling WTLC: Do you care about Exhibition Games or Foreign Leagues?

With the lockout in full swing, there' not a whole lot for a basketball junkie to talk about, unless I just want to lament and heap depression on everybody, or go totally off-topic and talk about how much I love Lahmacun, or how terrible the new Star Trek movie was.

But, there is basketball going on in the States and around the globe, despite the lockout. In the states, things like Goodman vs. Drew grabbed the attention of fans during the Summer, but interest quickly fizzled out as time went on. Meanwhile, the Euroleague and several domestic leagues are about to start, with more former NBA players than ever. But it remains to be seen how much good this new talent will do in terms of fan numbers, wins, and overall quality of play.

My question to you, the readers, is this. Do you care about these exhibition games? Do you care about foreign leagues? Or is it just all about the NBA?

Vote in the poll, post a comment!