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OKC Loud Links: What Now?

I have a creeping sensation coming over me that the NBA lockout, now officially killing off games, is going to be worse emotionally than the lockout in 1998 simply due to the fact that I have become practically a 24/7 consumer of information. The 'nets and social media do wonders to keep us all fully integrated in various goings-on, but the downside to it all is that when bad news cometh, it cometh all the time and in all information outlets you can think of. Oh joy.

Key Points As Season Falls by the Wayside | Sports Illustrated

Lowe runs down a list of the points of contention that are still causing the two sides to be at odds with one another. From my point of view, it looks like the one thing that players are fighting for the most - the protection of their "middle class," is the one thing that really makes the NBA's financial model broken.

Season Was On the Brink Before It Ever Came Close to Starting | NewsOK

Mayberry is correct - everything that was on the table before is scrapped. At this point, everything starts over.

NBA Cancels First Two Weeks of the Season | Yahoo! Sports

Woj writes that not only are the first two weeks gone, but as I predicted earlier, whatever was on the table for the NBPA is likely the best case scenario for the players. From here on out, the owners will start shaving off previously made concessions in order to recapture their lost income.

James Harden: The Biggest Loser? | NewsOK

Mayberry writes that of the Thunder players, James Harden might be the one who is hurt most by the lockout, largely due to missed practices and coach Scott Brooks' need for continuity. While I understand Brooks' position for all of last year, I just don't know how he can justify keeping Harden out of the starting line-up. If there is anyone who needs to prove his worth for starter's minutes, I think it is Thabo Sefolosha, not Harden. 

Durant, Players Dig Line in the Sand at 53% | ProBasketball Talk

The NBPA has declared that 53% is the lowest they will go, and this line in the sand is problematic, because the owners are not really chasing the money; they want the systematic adjustments.

Lockout Could Create D-League Headaches | Ridiculous Upside

If the NBA lockout isn't solved by the start of the NBA season, any players that appeared in the NBA last season won't be eligible to play in the D-League this season.

More links after the jump.

Stern Wields Lockout Like a Weapon, Treats Fans Like Fools | SB Nation

Ziller: not really happy with David Stern this morning.

Players, Owners Must Reach Agreement to Avoid Damage |

The lockout stuff in this post is a bit outdated now, but if you look at the bottom, Aldridge writes about the referees' new CBA and how they were able to come to an agreement so quickly.

Players React Via Twitter | Sports Illustrated

Lowe captures a handful of the players' reactions to the news that games are going to be canceled. 

Maryland Fans Should Thank NBA Lockout With Midnight Madness Reunion | Baltimore Sports Report

Silver linings, I suppose - the Maryland players who helped win the 2002 NCAA Championship now find some extra free time on their hands.

2006 NBA Finals: Dwyane Wade Gets the Star Treatment | BBall Breakdown

Coach Nick is back with a look back at the 2006 Finals, where Dwyane Wade achieved Michael Jordan status in the eyes of the referees almost overnight.

Lockout Antidote: Talking With Del Harris | Sports Illustrated

Del Harris has coached just about everywhere, from the ABA to the NBA, and provides good insight into his career, not the least of which has included being mistaken for Leslie Nielsen