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NBA Cancels First Two Weeks of Season

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Media_eec2ec4b5d6443b89d0325a9e665c650_t160_mediumI was hoping against hope that I would never have to write this post, but the NBA and NBPA have not reached a place where an agreement can be reached, so David Stern has officially announced the cancellation of the first two weeks of the 2011-2012 season.

NBA Cancels First Two Weeks of the Season | ESPN

  • All games through November 14 are cancelled.
  • Stern said both sides are "very far apart on virtually all issues. ... We just have a gulf that separates us."
  • Each side wanted 53% of BRI, but according to reports, all discussions in these past two days were about systematic changes, not money splits.
  • Adrian Wojnarowski reports that one GM said, "I think the best case scenario now is 50 games, but I can see the whole season gone."
  • According to Ken Berger: "Stern/Silver said biggest system sticking points were contract length, length of CBA, use of exceptions by taxpaying teams."
  • The two sides met for seven hours today, but according to the report the gulf remained too wide.
  • The money clock is now ticking. As we examined last week, it will not take long for both the league and the players to forgo the money they might gain by holding out. The question now is, do the principles of each side in their own minds trump the money that will be lost forever?
These are the Thunder games that are now cancelled:
Nov. 1 @ Los Angeles Lakers
Nov. 2 @ Phoenix Suns
Nov. 4 vs. Indiana Pacers
Nov. 5 @ Dallas Mavericks
Nov. 8 @ New York Knicks
Nov. 10 @ Chicago Bulls
Nov. 13 vs. Toronto Raptors
Nov. 14 @ Charlotte Bobcats

What makes these cancellations doubly painful is that, as you can see, six out of these eight games were against playoff teams from last season, including the defending champion Mavericks.