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Goodman vs Drew League II: Drew Gets Revenge

The second big charity game over this past weekend was the follow-up to Goodman vs. Drew I, which took place back in August. In the first game, hometown favorite and Goodman star Kevin Durant ruled the day, leading his team over the Drew League (and his teammate and buddy James Harden).  The two leagues finally got a date on the calendar on October 9 and performed a great follow-up last night, this time with the Drew League coming out on top 151-144. 

Drew vs Goodman II: 10 Postgame Thoughts | ESPN

The biggest stars of the game were once again Kevin Durant and his teammate John Wall, and the two of them combined to score 105 points. Harden got 48 of his own in helping the Drew League even the score. Ball is Life Has the highlights.

A couple comments and more footage after the jump:

  • I know that not much defense is played in these games, but when you watch Kevin Durant make a few of his cross-over moves, you can see that he is lower to the floor and quicker than he was a year ago. I would guess/hope that this is because he has continued to strengthen his core, which gives him more lower body strength and better balance.
  • James Harden is simply emerging. For the past eight months, any time Harden has gotten the chance to perform, he has played at a high level with excellent body control, instincts, decision-making ability, and a little bit of flair. 
  • Nick Young's 'fro is out of control.
  • John Wall continues to work to polish his game, and I really like the dedication I'm seeing in it. Games like this one really showcase his pure athletic ability, and we can only hope that it carries over to the pro game. I definitely see some Stephon Marbury in his game (before Steph became "Starbury") and that's not a bad thing at all.