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OKC Loud Links: Tonight is the Final Meeting. Probably.

The negotiators for the league and the players met last night in New York but still were not able to emerge with a deal in place. Negotiations are scheduled to continue today around 2PM and unless a deal is reached by tonight, all reports indicate that the first two weeks of the season will be canceled. Super.

CBA Chat With Larry Coon and Tim Donahue | Cowbell Kingdom

Although this podcast was conducted before Sunday's stalemate meeting, it is still worth listening to because Coon and Donahue, apparently the only two guys who can do math, diagrammed for us all how quickly gains can turn into losses in this game of high stakes poker.

Nobody Wants It to Get to the River | 8 Points, 9 Seconds

Speaking of poker, if the lockout were a game of Texas Hold'em, we're approaching the turn and January is the river. Don't want to go to the river.

"Elevate," A Senegalese Basketball Journey | The Basketball Jones

This documentary was directed by Anne Buford, who is the sister of Spurs GM Rodney Buford. If the passage off the streets of Harlem to play college basketball is harrowing, imagine how the chasm looks for these young men.

Kanye West and the Lockout | Hardwood Paroxysm

Ego and Stubbornness. Seems like it's appropriate to use Kanye to illustrated this.

What About the Cowboys and KD? | Daily Thunder

Young gives a little bit more color to last week's outrageous outrage over Kevin Durant dissing Oklahoma. 

"Oklahoma State fans couldn't help but revel in the collective response by Sooner nation. See, we get to pretend like KD is one of us. I mean, we both hate OU, right?"

More links after the jump.

Why "Real Steel" Predicts the Future of the NBA | Ball Don't Lie

In the year 2050, would we have a robot Meta World Peace?

New York Fans Are the Most Worthless Fans? | Wages of Wins

Spoken like a true New Yorker.

Byron Mullens Returns to the U.S. | NewsOK

Byron Mullens had recently signed with the Greek team Panionios and left for Athens last month. He's already back, stating that he felt too far removed from the rest of his teammates. Even though Mullens has yet to see any meaningful basketball action, I think this expressed sentiment speaks volumes about "Thunder-U." Also, Greece is not a great place to be right now.

"Make Your Layups" | Undercrown

This T-shirt, titled, "Make Your Layups," is just about the greatest thing I've seen all day. I was a Bulls fan during the Jordan era, and this shirt commemorates one of my top 10 favorite moments during their run.

What Blake Wore When He Wore Nothing | The Basketball Jones

The crack team at TBJ have it solved for us - Blake Griffin was wearing a white thong during his "nude" photo-shoot. Respect.