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Loud Links 1|9|11

The Thunder front-line puffed out their chests and played strong for two wins in a row.  Next up: Luis Scola and a rematch with the Rockets. Check out some links during the breaks in the NFL playoff games today.

Thunder Rumblings Notebook | NewsOK

Mayberry notes the physicality of last night's game, as well as the Thunder's pressure on the perimeter.  One thing worth noting though; the Thunder seem to fall for -every- single pump fake thrown out there.

Kevin Durant Scores 40 as the Thunder Beat the Grizzlies | NewsOK

Mayberry reports the game, noting that the Thunder were able to stop everyone not named Zach Randolph.

A Changing of the Guards Out West? | NewsOK

John Rohde takes a look at the fresh crop of guards in the Western Conference. Along with Westbrook, there is a host of young fellas that are ready to take the mantle. 

 Kevin Durant Coming On Strong | Rotoworld

 Durant is making both Thunder fans and fantasy owners very happy these past few weeks.

Free Throw Shooting: Past and Present | HoopsWorld

Susan Bible brings a good analysis on how the current crop of NBA ballers stacks up to NBA history when it comes to free throw shooting.  Both Durant and the Thunder make a few appearances in her rankings.

More links following the jump.

East Meets West? Both Conferences Are Solid | CourierPost

A look at how the Eastern Conference, long featuring the doormats of the NBA, has repositioned itself.

NBA Beat: Most Improved | Spurs Nation

A look at which players' personal improvement year over year has manifested in the most success for the team overall.

Projecting the NBA All-Star Rosters | NewsOK 

John Rohde makes his predictions as to who he thinks will make the final roster for this year's All-Star Game.

Rocket Notes: Brooks Still Sidelined With Ankle Injury | Houston Chronicle

The Thunder's next opponent will once again be missing their starting point guard.