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Online Chat With ESPN's John Hollinger on 1|7|11

ESPN's John Hollinger did his weekly online chat on Friday, where he fielded a myriad of questions from around the league. I have extracted the two that are related to the Thunder generally and Jeff Green specifically.

You can read the entire transcript here.


Question: Is Jeff Green in the Thunder's future?

John Hollinger: Highly debatable. I think they like that he's low-maintenance and can space the floor, but they don't value that enough to match a wild offer from another team. If OKC can keep him at reasonable $$ they will, but they have a lot of guys to pay over the next few years and have to manage the dough carefully.


Question: Jeff Green for Demarcus Cousins, what do you think? Anything else needed to sweeten the deal?

John Hollinger: There is a better chance of the Thunder moving back to Seattle than there is of them trading for DeMarcus Cousins.