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Loud Links 1|7|11

Check out Serge's competition |

Video of the Wizard's JaVale McGee doing some practice dunks in preparation for the contest at All-Star Weekend in L.A.  My favorite from this limited sample of dunks is the one mid-way through where McGee grabs a paper, puts it in the net, and then snatches it away with his teeth before dunking.  At the very least we should get some more creativity than the miserable dreck Gerald Wallace and Shannon Brown brought to Dallas last year.

Russell Westbrook's XXL shoot | via SLAM mag.

Russ was recently featured in XXL (a mostly music/fashion magazine).  In this behind the scenes video, Westbrook discusses individual and team goals for the season, as well as his decision to stop playing football and focus on basketball.

New White Zoom KD III colorway available |

Not as flashy as the other versions, but here it is- the home court colorway of the Nike Zoom KD IIIs.

Top 5, featuring 'look left' | TBJ

A cute photo-shop that promoted last night's TNT game against Dallas - (Byron Mullens is confused).