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Afternoon Loud Links 1|7|11

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It's Friday afternoon.  It's snowing.  You're bored, admit it.  We're here to help.

Thunder Insider: Episode 12 |

Kelly Crull and the gang come at you with a brand new Insider show.  Take a look to gain some insight on Scott Brooks' evolution as a head coach.

Most Likely Westerner to Unseat Champs | ESPN Daily Dime

Two guys say the Thunder have the best shot at knocking off the Lakers.  It isn't inconceivable, since the Thunder would likely encounter LA in the playoffs before the Spurs or Mavs.  Until they find a defensive solution for post-players, we need to remain realistic.

The Superteam Era is Upon Us, What's Going to Happen to the NBA? | Business Insider

Who wants to make the argument that this is one of the unintended consequences of sending NBA players to the Olympics and World Championships? And would the potential result really be all that different from any other decade in NBA history?

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Thunder Win Fuels Rivalry Against the Mavericks | NewsOK

The Big Dogs in the midwest still see the Thunder as the tiny terrier nipping at their tail.  That won't change until the little dog takes a serious bite.

Oklahoma City Looking to Become a Major Rival | Star-Telegram

"...Right now [the Mavericks have] been to places where we want to go. Until it becomes a rivalry, we have to be able to get to their place."  

Also, never underestimate the power of two fan bases that hate each other.

Durant Happy to be in One Place for a Change | Star-Telegram

Here's hoping that he wants to call OKC a home for a long, long time.

Thunder's Serge Ibaka Not Focused on Dunk Contest or Favorite | NewsOK

I've seen players go both ways on this; some plan things out meticulously, including the order in which they do their dunks.  Other guys don't plan at all, and just wait for the moment as well as listen to what the crowd wants.

Kevin Durant to Host Thunder Fit Clinic on Friday | OKBlitz

Today Kevin Durant and Morris Peterson will host a clinic for about 60 students at Del Crest Middle School in OKC. I think it would be spiffy if one of the kids asked KD how much he's benching these days.

Buzzer beater!

Incredible Backwards Halfcourt Buzzer Beater! (via InsanelyChill)