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Inasmuch as you can have a "must win" game 37 games into the season against a team that is missing 2/5 of its starting five...yeah, tonight is kind of a "must win."

Forget about Chandler in OKC | Thunder Rumblings

Mayberry tells us not to torture ourselves with what might have been.  Seeing Tyson Chandler play today glosses over all the struggles he has had with his health the past two seasons.

"I made some bad mistakes." | Thunder Rumblings

Kevin Durant goes through the self-correction that is necessary for a team captain to iron out his deficiencies. Mayberry warns the Thunder to get ready for some more zone defense.

Harden showing signs of consistency | NewsOK

Mayberry takes a deeper look at James Harden's burgeoning game.  I think one of the understated things about young players, especially those that are not meant to be franchise cornerstones, is that they need boundaries and specific instruction. I think the greatest thing that Coach Brooks did for Harden was cement his position as part of the 2nd unit and gave him specific responsibilities to take care of.

Mavs trying to stay competitive | Star-Telegram

It would be unwise for the Thunder to take the Mavs lightly tonight.  Their battle is as much mental as it is tactical at this point.  The Thunder need to prove to themselves that they can beat this team.

Who is helping/hurting the team most? | Daily Thunder

If you're familiar with sabermetrics, you might find this sort of analysis interesting.  It is the never-ending balance between what you think you see on the court and what you know you see on a spreadsheet.

What are the odds? | Covers

Might want to take the under tonight.  

Wouldn't an OKC "Big Three" be Lovely? | ProBasketballTalk

We really shouldn't even be talking about this.  Or looking at it. Or listening to it.  Or thinking about it.  Stop paying attention to it.  It can't ever, ever possibly happen. Cover your eyes with your hands.  /peeks through fingers

Tony Allen/O.J.Mayo Altercation Follow-up | AP

Here is a little bit of the follow-up to that airplane trip incident that likely left O.J. Mayo off of the roster in Memphis' win against the Thunder.  In a word, no more gambling.  

Do Amar'e Stoudemire's defensive deficiencies hurt his MVP chances? | Bleacher Report

Yes,  Amar'e Stoudemire is a Knick, and I know, this is about the Thunder.  However, the examination is prudent because if Durant is ever to be considered as a serious contender for MVP, he is going to go through the same vetting process.  And after all, Steve Nash won back-to-back awards, and he hasn't played defense since he was a young boy kicking soccer balls on a frozen tundra in Canada.