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Ibaka in the Dunk Contest!!! | LA Times

The official announcement is not til Thursday, but the report is that Thunder forward Serge Ibaka will be in the dunk contest at All Star Weekend with Blake Griffin, JaVale McGee, and Brandon Jennings.  Serge has been in dunk contests in Spain before, and between him and McGee expect at least one from the free throw line.

Grizzly Fight! | CBS Sports

Memphis didn't need O.J. Mayo to defeat the Thunder last night, which was good because apparently teammate Tony Allen hit him in the face.  The dispute was about a card game on the team plane, reminiscent of Gilbert Arenas' former troubles in Washington.  Allen left Mayo with a noticeably bruised face, yet still played against the Thunder, scoring 19 points in the Grizzlies' win.

Mapping the NBA's top scorers | SB Nation via Dogbert

Examining how the league's top scorers get it done based on True Shooting percentage.  Kevin Durant is just slightly above average in True Shooting %, but also the leading scorer.  This is because the formula for this particular stat partially cancels out free throws which are a staple for KD.  It's an interesting read and highlights the scoring styles of Kevin Martin and 'Melo.

Meet the Heatles | TBJ

LeBron James recently said "We call ourselves the 'Heatles', like the Beatles.  This means the Miami Heat are at least equally, if not more, popular than Jesus.