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I Have the Power! Week 10 Power Rankings

The Thunder finished their last ten above .500, but just barely. With a tough stretch in January coming up, they will need to address their inconsistency, especially in back-to-back games.

From Around the NBA:

SB Nation 11 (12) A game out of 1st in the Northwest, a 1/2 game behind the Lakers.
ESPN - Hollinger 11 (12) Falling a bit, having only gone 6-4 in their past 10.
ESPN - Stein 8 (9) Brooks using more lineup variations this year than last. 9 (8) Starting lineup not performing as well as last year.
CBS Sports 8 (9) They have the pieces for a mid-season trade. But who to chase?
ProBasketballTalk 8 (5) Defense still holding them back.
Hoopsworld 8 (6) Lots of good teams coming up in January.
Hoops Karma 7 (10) Inconsistency is plaguing them.
FoxSports 10 (9) Better 3-point shooting needed for a deep playoff run.
SportsIllustrated 9 (9) Uh oh. Russell Westbrook exposed for shoddy defense in Spurs loss.
Covers 11 (10) Too inconsistent.
Dime Mag 9 (6) Westbrook still looking for some All-Star votes.