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Eddie House's "Big Balls Dance" Costs Him $25,000

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LeBron: "Really, Eddie?"
LeBron: "Really, Eddie?"

Most people who didn't watch the game on TV didn't see it, and even those who did watch on TV might have missed it in all of the hubbub after Eddie House's clutch three point shot.

But if you watch closely in the video below (Starting at 0:32), you'll see that House runs around with two hands placed far below his belt, indicating that he has gigantic balls.

While this was a ballsy play, could he have come up with a stupider dance to do? It reminds me of those guys who live in the suburbs that like to have a gigantic truck and put a ballsack on it's trailer hitch. Does it depict you're manly? No, just that you're insecure in your own masculinity.

I'm not trying to be one of those high horse analysts/bloggers who automatically calls anyone who makes a lewd gesture a "punk" or anything like that. But I prefer celebrations to have classiness and style. Chad Ochocinco always comes up with ways to make touchdowns more exciting, and I'm a huge fan of Kevin Garnett's passion. But a "Big Balls" dance? No.

Regardless, he was fined $25,000 for the gesture today by the NBA. To the big three this would be chump change, cut considering that he only gets paid $1.3 Million, it's a pretty sizable fine. I don't necessarily agree with the fine (I doubt any kids watching had any idea what was going on), but it's not a huge deal.

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