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Loud Links 1|31|11

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KD & Chris Bosh with an exchange of words | NewsOk

Early into yesterday afternoon's game a hard foul on Harden led to a brief interchange between Kevin Durant and Chris Bosh, and a double-technical was assessed.  Bosh's explanation of the incident reads hilariously to me, mainly because I can't stop hearing it in my head as Dave Chappelle as Chuck Taylor -

"He was telling Harden to dunk on me," Bosh said. "He said dunk the next one. I expressed that, no, he’s not going to dunk that. And he expressed, yes he is. We just kind of went back and forth."

Durant also made some comments post-game, my favorite of which was-

"But it’s a lot of fake tough guys in this league and he’s one of them." 

Although, you could also make the case the Chris Bosh doesn't try that hard to act tough especially after his seemingly super-awkward Maxim Magazine photo-shoot (Highlights include: Will He Or Won't He Eat That Apple? and, of course, him splashing in the pool around the 3:13 mark).

MVP Race Storylines | The Painted Area

Examining and comparing the leading MVP candidates and their story-lines halfway through the season.


After the jump...more on MIA/OKC plus the Pacers fire their coach.

Notes from the Heat/Thunder game | SLAM Online

SLAM's Todd Spehr with his thoughts throughout Sunday's game.

The fact that Oklahoma City are, it could very well be argued, one of the four marquee teams in the league from an interest and marketability standpoint is nothing short of amazing, just three years removed from relocation, and with an excitement generated mostly by things they are expected to do.

Miami's Big 3 reconvenes in win over Thunder | NewsOk

"With the way we played and the way they played, we’re a good team," Brooks said. "You can’t take that away from us. We’re a good team. We played a good team"

Pacers fire Jim O'Brien | ProBasketballTalk

Assistant Coach Frank Vogel will take over as interim coach in Indianapolis.  The Pacers have been 17-27 on the season.