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Notes from the worst loss of the season | Thunder Rumblings

Darnell Mayberry's notes and stats from the absolutely horrible thrashing that occurred in San Antonio Saturday night. 

A whole lot of season-lows in this one for the Thunder offensively- 74 points,32.9 percent shooting,10 assists (ties season low), Durant’s 16 points (ties season low), Westbrook’s eight points.

After the game KD tweeted "...on the way back to Okc...don't even wanna talk about that damn game...movin on..".  The Thunder's next game is Tuesday at Memphis.

Josh Smith wearing two headbands

Apparently this was a measure to keep a bandage in place on Smith's head while playing.  I doubt it will catch on.

In Phil Jackson's farewell tour, Lakers show flaws | NY Times

In no particular order, Bryant is taking too many shots, Pau Gasol is not taking enough, Ron Artest is his erratic self, Derek Fisher is sometimes ineffective, and Andrew Bynum is still trying to put chronic injury issues behind him.

And this was written before their home loss v the Grizzles last night.

Harden dedicating himself on defensive end |

James Harden's second year improvement continues.  December was his best month so far concerning offensive statistics, but Harden has also become a better defender.