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KD named West All-Star Starter | NewsOk

Well, duh.  The bigger surprise is that the All-Star jerseys are actually presentable.  They went simple and retro, which is always a good choice.

A year ago, Durant took in 870,567 votes, ranking 18th among all NBA players. This year, only five players received more votes than Durant.

Tracy Morgan on Sarah Palin | YouTube

From last night's TNT broadcast from Madison Square Garden.  Somebody decided it was a good idea to hand Tracy Morgan a mic and have him on live TV with Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith and, uh, this happened.  Priceless.

O.J. Mayo suspended 10 games | ProBasketballTalk

The Memphis guard tested positive for an over the counter supplement that helps produce testosterone and happens to be banned by the NBA.

Ricky Rubio struggles in Europe | NY Times

Contemplating the NBA future of the Spanish boy wonder.