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Take a breath; Ridnour's shot rimmed out. Durant made amends. And John Wall will be showing up on Friday.

Thunder Rumblings | NewsOK

Mayberry's post-game notes are here. Mayberry asserts that Durant still needs to play more with the ball in his hands, and I agree. Screens are the easiest way to get open looks, but having the ball in your hands, feeling the contact, and learning how to use your weight and momentum are critical to becoming a long-term offensive threat, in the mold of Kobe Bryant or Carmelo Anthony.

Behind KD's Career Night, Thunder Slip Past Wolves | Daily Thunder

An astute point regarding Thabo Sefolosha - he did excellent work defending Michael Beasley from the mid-third quarter on. I think we may have seen a clue in Sefolosha's performance - he is much better at defending small forwards, where he can get his body up into them, than shooting guards, where he just doesn't seem to have good enough technique or quick enough feet to stay in front of them.

Durant Ties Career High in OT Win | NewsOK

Mayberry's deadline story can be found here. I've heard this quote in various forms a few times in my life, but only a few:

"I hope I don't ever take it for granted, because he's pretty impressive" - Nick Collison

Sorry New York, But Stoudemire is no MVP. Rose Either | ProBasketballTalk

Kurt Helin tries to dispel the notion of the Shiny New Toy. He isn't disparaging the seasons that Amare Stoudemire and Derrick Rose are having; rather he's saying that their MVP talk is more a function of the public's awareness. As far as true value goes, the same guys are still on the short list.

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Mirror Images? Wolves Lose to Thunder in OT | Star Tribune

A look at last night's game from the Wolves' perspective. The team is young, makes a ton of mistakes, and has a staggering number of games in the 4th quarter. It is admirable that they continue to play hard. I think it is because they know they're talented, and that this stage of losing will come to an end. 

"They are exactly where we were two years ago...The record says they lost the game, but they're learning how to win. These kinds of games will make them better. That's a talented team. Nice young pieces. They're going to figure it out." - Coach Brooks on the Wolves

NBA Twitter: Days of Our Lives | Ball Don't Lie

Roy Hibbert is still confused. Buddy, there's a great web site out there that could help you. It's called 'Wikipedia.'

Kevin Love Has Scott Brooks' All-Star Vote | Pioneer Press

Coach Brooks makes the case for Kevin Love making his first All-Star appearance, despite the fact that his team has only won 10 games.

2011 Draft: Durant Calls Jimmer Fredette the Best Scorer in the World | Bleacher Report

The draft is just around the corner, and Jimmer Fredette could be this year's Stephen Curry.