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Oklahoma City Thunder at Minnesota Timberwolves: 2010-2011 Game 45 Preview; Ballin' in the Trees and Snow

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This also counts as an open thread, so feel free to post your thoughts during the game here.

Records: The Oklahoma City Thunder (28-16) vs. The Minnesota Timberwolves (10-34)

Time: 7:00 PM Central Standard Time

Place: The Target Center, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

TV: Fox Sports Net Oklahoma, Fox Sports Net North

Radio: WWLS The Sports Animal (98.1), KFAN 1130 AM

Enemy Blog(s): Canis Hoopus, Twolves Blog, Howlin' T-Wolf

Previous Meeting(s): November 22nd, December 8th

Let's face it. There's not a lot to get excited about when your team is gearing up for a Wednesday night matchup against the Minnesota Timberwolves.

While the Wolves initially showed some promise, the constant losing finally caught up to them, and the roof caved in. They have only won two games in the month of January, and are on a four game losing streak. At this point, the Timberwolves will try to outscore other teams, but poor performances from younger players on their bench leads to a quick demise. Michael Beasley and Kevin Love are on fire, but other players haven't hit their talent peak yet, or aren't even close to that level in the first place.

Even so, we shouldn't take the Timberwolves for granted. I know, I know. If we don't take the Timberwolves for granted, who do we take for granted? My snide answer would be the Sacramento Kings and Cleveland Cavaliers. But my serious answer would be that even though the Timberwolves have done pretty terribly in this past moth, they have still played both Boston and San Antonio to within three points. There's also the fact that in our two previous meetings, they lost by less than 10 points, and had us down by 19 early in our most recent encounter.

Below: Rock bottom? Fearless predictions!

If, the Timberwolves do indeed beat us though, the Thunder will be pretty close to rock bottom. We've lost some very winnable games against New Orleans and Denver, in addition to our routine loss to the Lakers and our very narrow win against the Knicks.

But, we're not going to lose. So, instead of boring you with some analysis of how the game will go, here's some fearless predictions:

The Timberwolves will blow a 20 point lead.

Michael Beasley will get ejected for being way too ballin'.

Kurt Rambis will magically re-grow his moustache.

Darko Milicic will score a Shaq-like 30 points and grab a Love-like 15 rebounds.

Jeff Green and James Harden will lead the Thunder in scoring.

Royal Ivey, B.J. Mullens, and Daequan Cook will all see playing time tonight.

There is a combined Timberwolves and Thunder fan out there in the world, and he is really excited about this game.

Scoring Prediction: Oklahoma City 110, Minnesota 107