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Loud Links 1|24|11

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Raymond Felton's early shot | NBA Playbook

After a rare Russell Westbrook free throw miss, Raymond Felton threw OKC a bone and shot a rushed pull-up J that bounced off the rim.  That left enough time to get Kevin Durant in an iso situation whereupon he drained this absolutely vicious fall-away trey at the buzzer.

Danilo Gallinari played good defense on the final shot, but "the Rooster" could have done a little better on certain other possessions (Got 'Em Coach).

Wizards can't win outside of D.C. | Yahoo!/AP

So the Knicks are on a pretty bad losing streak, but the Wizards have one of their own going.  Washington is 0-20 on the road this season but hopes use that as motivation to get a road victory against New York tonight in Madison Square Garden.

Some more raving about Blake Griffin | Hardwood Paroxysm

He had eleven points versus the Nets and 24-14-6 against the Heat. The more we throw at him the stronger he becomes.   

In his rookie season, the Oklahoma City native is already showing the potential to become a superstar, perennial all-star, and possibly all-time great in the NBA.

Thunder Notebook | NewsOk

Notes about no fast-break D, some Daequan Cook playing time, and more advertising campaigns.