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Loud Links 1|22|11

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Slide-stopping game tonight. I can feel it. The Knicks are reeling too; something's gotta give.

Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, and the Year of the Point Guard | SB Nation

A great look at the plethora of point guard talent in the NBA. The writer creates a few new interesting statistical derivatives to help us see the story more clearly. Good stuff.

Coach Brooks Skeptical of Coach Durant | NewsOK

Ever the pessimist, Scott Brooks challenges the notion that Kevin Durant will make a good slam dunk coach for Serge Ibaka in the All-Star slam dunk competition. I understand Brooks' doubts, but last I checked, how tall was Scotty Brooks again?

Second Half Story Lines to Watch | SportsIllustrated

SI's Ian Thomsen takes a look at the most compelling story lines to watch as the season's prelude to the playoffs get underway.  The sad thing about it all is, the more interesting the season gets, the more painful it will become when the lockout hits us.

OKC Line-Up Not Changing | NewsOK

Coach Brooks puts to rest the idea that he's going to be tinkering with his line-up this season. I don't have a problem with the line-up, just the minute distribution. For example, unless Jeff Green is springing for 37 points, there's no reason for him to be playing 40 minutes a game.

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It's Not Always Good, But These 20 Made a First-Half Mark |

A brief run-down on some of the special players who have surged to the forefront of notoriety this season. It does make up for all the Carmelo Anthony Drama, as well as The Decision we had to digest.

Improving Williams, 66ers on a Roll | Tulsa World

Latavious Williams continues to be an impact player for the Thunder's D-League team, the Tulsa 66ers.

Utah's Deron Williams Plans to be the Anti-LeBron James in Free Agency | NY Daily News

Hey, I thought Durant had the "Anti-LeBron" title locked up.

In Prokhorov, NBA Finds its Boss | SportsIllustrated

Perhaps the Nets would have made a good landing spot for 'Melo; we'll never know. What we do know is that the Nets' new owner, a man of many talents, did the kind of thing more NBA owners need to do - show a little resolve and not get backed into a corner.

Leastern Conference vs. the San Antonio Spurs or Los Angeles Lakers? | Bleacher Report

No love for the second tier of the Eastern Conference.

Finally, here is the new Russell Westbrook commercial that has been making the rounds. It is a splendid example of the way the Thunder and its representatives have taken the initiative to connect to the OKC fan base and community.