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Loud Links 1|21|11

Another off day needed for recovery. The Thunder lost to the Knicks earlier this season; they will need to re-dedicate themselves if they are to avoid their first three game losing streak this season.

Scott Brooks Approaches 100 Wins as Thunder Coach | NewsOK

Coach Brooks is still sitting at 99 after two games. Let's hope that tomorrow night brings 100 and we can then start on the count to 1,000. (Side-note: George Karl has 1,016).

George Karl Impressed by Durant's Leadership | NewsOK

Nuggets coach notes that Durant seems to have what his own point guard Chauncy Billups has - dignity and humility, and his natural leadership continues to grow.

NBA Report Card: Heat Get an F | FoxSports

The ever-insufferable Charlie Rosen grades all the teams in the league on his bell curve. Congratulations Thunder, you get a C+.

Franchise Players: The Next Wave | Hoopsworld

Durant is now, but Westbrook is next. One of the things that is going to distinguish Westbrook from other PG's is his tenacity when it comes to grabbing key rebounds, especially after his own misses.

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Surprising Stats Abound as Season Passes its Midpoint |

Scoring is actually a bit down this year, although historically the level rebounds in the second half of the season. Also, the best five-man rotation in the league won't be finishing out the season together.

When Good Games are Overshadowed by the 'Melodrama | ProBasketballTalk

Players and management have expressed frustration that the Carmelo Anthony situation seems to overshadow so much of the action on the court, which nightly is pretty compelling. Truth be told, it's like a car wreck on the side of the road. And yet everyone watches.

Greg Oden Talks to Reporters For First Time Since Surgery | Oregonian 

Checking in to see how Greg Oden is coming along in his rehab. I must warn you, this interview is borderline cringe-worthy. I wish people could just leave him alone for a year and let him get healthy.

On Second Thought: 2010-2011 Predictions | El Paso Times

Some slight revisions to pre-season expectations. The writer still thinks Durant is the league's MVP. I applaud his conviction, but even I know that's probably not true.

Rich Guys' Disagreement Kicks Carmelo Anthony Saga Into Next Chapter | Oregonian he Denver decision-makers learned something about their new Russian owner-brethren - he isn't going to back down if you push too hard.