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Breaking News: New Jersey Nets are Out of the Carmelo Anthony Sweepstakes

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Via CBS Sports:

"Really I am not happy with the way how this deal has gone until now," the stone-faced Russian billionaire said Tuesday night. "It has taken too long. It has been played out in public. And uncertainty has taken a toll on the players. And I believe that has cost us several games. …

Put this under the "surprise" category. Everyone thought the Nets and Nuggets were inches away from a deal, but high expectations on both sides has caused the deal to fall apart. Who's next? The Knicks are a strong possibility, and other teams are bound to be tempted as well.

For the Thunder, is means a prolonged Nuggets threat in the division, and it also brings about the possibility that the Nuggets could rip off another team and get better through another deal. Overall, it's a bad situation for the Thunder, as it means the Nuggets will be better for a longer period of time, and in their current incarnation. But it's doubtful Anthony will remain past the deadline, so it's not that huge of an issue. He might find renewed confidence tonight, though.