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George Karl: 'Melo distracted in practice | ProBasketballTalk

Carmelo Anthony will almost definitely still be with the Nuggets for tonight's game against the Thunder, but for how long after that?  The speculation continues...

Utah's mascot versus a Cavs fan | theScore

Now this is a human against mascot fight, so of course it's no Duck versus Cougar, it's funnier when both combatants are in hot, over-sized animal suits (This is one of the fundamental laws of nature, right up there with gravity).

  At Friday night's Cleveland-Utah game, the Jazz's bear mascot (whose name is apparently just "Bear".........) goes up to a fan in a Cavs jersey and tries to get him to hold a giant sign that reads "I'M A LOSER".  Really?  Talk about kicking a fan base when they're down.  The real fun starts when the guy gets loose from security.

Hoop Dreams |

If you have Netflix, check this out or if not, hopefully you'll try to catch it somewhere else.  Hoop Dreams is an amazing 1994 documentary about two kids, Arthur Agee and William Gates, growing up in Chicago with dreams of getting noticed by a good college and making it to the NBA.  It won a '94 Sundance Award and was nominated for a '95 Academy Award for Best Film Editing.

Lithuanian Player fires up 124 3-pointers in one game| SB Nation

Just 'cause...