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I Have the Power! Week 12 NBA Power Rankings

Two big wins against the Rockets & Magic, followed up by a frustrating loss to the Lakers. We're at our half-way point in the season; will we ascend into the top 5?

From Around the NBA:

SB Nation 11 (10) Holding steady, but I don't understand why the're still behind Orlando, Denver, Dallas, and New Orleans.
ESPN - Hollinger 10 (11) Holding strong, but rating down a bit.
ESPN - Stein 7 (8) They still have the league's highest scoring duo. 7 (8) Scoring almost 120 per 100 possessions.
CBS Sports 7 (9) They do well when on national TV. Smile, everyone.
ProBasketballTalk 5 (7) Despite Lakers loss, still playing well.
Hoopsworld 7 (8) It's a race against the Jazz.
Hoops Karma 5 (6) Denver & the Knicks coming up.
FoxSports 7 (8) They have the Lakers' attention; who else is noticing?
SportsIllustrated 7 (9) Durant not sneaking up on anyone, but his stats have stayed constant from a year ago.
Covers 7 (7) ABC - always be closing.
Dime Mag n/a (9) n/a
Remaining rankings will be updated as they become available.