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So Do You Think You're a True Thunder Fan?

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Medium2_mediumWell, you got nothing on this gal.

How a Thunder Superfan Took Full Advantage of Her All-Star Voting Privileges | NewsOK

When you bear witness to this type of dedication, you give it its own post. Nineteen year old Brittany Henry decided to take the All-Star Voting up a notch. She procured two full boxes of ballots from OKC arena, and then proceeded to vote for Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, Thabo Sefolosha, and Jeff Green 2,501 times. Each. You think your mouse-clicking finger is efficient? This gal did her ballot voting by hand, with a straightened paperclip.

Her diligence and dedication did not go unrewarded. Her dad got her some tickets to the Thunder-Magic game, and she was treated to autographs from Durant and a host of others.

The takeaway quote:

I'm obsessed, pretty much" - Brittany Henry

You don't say.

Well done, young Thunder fan. We raise our paperclips and salute you.