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Afternoon Loud Links 1|14|11

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As the last of the week's tedious minutes melt away and we reminisce about last night's signature win, let us give thanks that the Internet is so vast and provides us with so much to waste our time. Like these links.

A Wild Night Downtown vs Magic | NewsOK

Trammel calls last night's game an instant classic. I agree, the game was great to watch. Let's get to the playoffs first before we start calling anything "classic," though.

How is Home Court Advantage Working Out for the Thunder? Daily Thunder

An interesting look is offered at what exactly creates a home court advantage across most major sports. Metrics are all the rage these days (ahem), and Daily Thunder provides some insight on the new book, "Scorecasting: The Hidden Influences Behind How Sports Are Played and Games are Won."

Behind the Box Score: Where OKC Had the Slight Edge | Ball Don't Lie

Perhaps it is just me, but I do believe I detect a twinge of regret in Dwyer's tone.

More links after the jump.

As Great as Westbrook Has Been He Will Still Be Hard-Pressed to Get Into All-Star Game | Oregonian

Maybe it's just me and I'm missing something here, but I see a conflict in the argument - Spurs Coach Popovich will likely be the All-Star coach, and a coach cannot select his own players as reserves. Doesn't that effectively remove Ginobili and Parker from the equation?

The Should-Be Wesetern Conference All-Star Starters | Ball Don't Lie

Dwyer leaves off Westbrook. It's a fair argument.

Time to Trade: Northwest Division | Hoopsworld

A look at the tradable pieces available both the the Thunder as well as the rest of the division.

If They Weren't Point Guards They'd Be... | NY Times

Most of these make a little bit of sense, but a nonprofit eco-lawyer? That's just stupid. If I had to name a profession, I'd say junior bond trader who is hungry to prove himself to the big boys.

Dirk Nowitzki Remains Out As West Powers Collide | SB Nation

Keep an eye on this development. The Thunder are now two games behind the Mavericks for a potential 3rd seed. The longer Nowitzki is out, the better the Thunder's chances are to surge ahead.

Blake Griffin: Hardest Dunker | Bleacher Report

A list of the biggest power-dunkers in NBA history. Why not.

Blake Griffin: Funny Guy | NewsOK

It's always cool when you see athletes who don't take themselves too seriously. Although I think I prefer his post-dunk death stare to him cracking jokes.