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Oklahoman's Darnell Mayberry Fields Questions

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The Oklahoman's Darnell Mayberry just wrapped up an online chat where he fielded a few questions from Thunder fans. Mayberry is the primary Thunder reporter for the Oklahoman. You can read the entire transcript by following the link. I've extracted a few that I found most interesting.

Chat With Darnell Mayberry | NewsOK


Question: What did you think of Nedad last night? Where has that been?

Mayberry: It was his first double-double of the year, and he looked like a completely different player. He said after the game that he knew going in that he would have a chance at a good game because Dwight Howard plays so close to the rim. But I don't think anyone would have expected him to do what he did against the best center in the league.


Question: Is [Russell Westbrook] a lock for the All-Star team?

Mayberry: Yes. He's become just as much a part of opposing coaches' game plans as Kevin Durant. And although Westbrook won't get voted in as a starter by the fans, the Western Conference coaches who select the West's reserves know how good he's been this year.


Question: How do you think Harden's wrist is doing, he looked as if he avoided taking it to the basket last night. 

Mayberry: Harden told me Wednesday in Houston that his left hand, which of course is his shooting hand, was swollen but should be fine. He hasn't taken as many shots lately and it's unclear how much that has to do with the swelling. It doesn't look very swollen, but who knows how uncomfortable it might be. With the next game not until Monday, I think he'll be fine.


Question: [Berry] Trammel says the odds are against Jeff Green being here next agree?

Mayberry: I'm not ready to write it off just yet. The organization loves Green's attitude, his professionalism and the skill set he brings to the table. It's going to depend on a lot of things. But the Thunder values Green, and Green values winning. I wouldn't be shocked to see Green take less money and perhaps a lesser role to remain in town long term.