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Loud Links 1|14|12

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Thunder turns in consistent performance in win | NewsOk

The Thunder were able to close out the game at the line, even after being slow to close out on 3-point shots, from which the Magic got 42 of their points.

A still pic of Kevin Harlan's jacket | nbamusings

A photo of the suit Kevin Harlan wore while commentating last night's victory over Orlando.  I love Reggie Miller's face in the picture, too, it almost says "no, just please stop touching me"

Raptors sign Gaines |

Yesterday, Toronto signed Sundiata Gaines to a ten day contract.  You may remember him as a feel-good story from last season, when he went from the D-League to vanquishing LeBron's Cavs on a deep buzzer-beater.

Spurs call up Larry Owens | 48 Minutes of Hell

The Spurs have called up 6'7" forward Larry Owens from the Tulsa 66ers, the Thunder's NBDL team. 

Darko tips in the jump | YouTube

In last night's win over Washington, Darko Milicic tipped the ball into the T-Wolves' own basket off a jump-ball.