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Afternoon Loud Links 1|13|11

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Huge game tonight against a Magic team that saw its winning streak of nine stopped last night. The Thunder will be tested to the highest degree for the 2nd half of their back to back games. I would suggest you surf the Internet and eat buffalo wings to get ready, but mostly read the Internet; those wings can cause heartburn.

Odds Are Against Jeff Green Being on the OKC Thunder Next Season | NewsOK

Berry Tramel answered a few questions during an online chat (you can read it all here). He doesn't think he'll be back next year, due to his restricted free agency status, combined with the offers he might get from the rest of the league. I would probably have to agree with that analysis.

A Small Progress Report on Cole Aldrich | Daily Thunder

A look at how Aldrich, sent down to the D-League a few weeks ago, is holding up. For some reason, the name "Greg Ostertag" keeps floating through my mind.

LeBron James Has Created a Marketing Dilemma | Bleacher Report

One of the downsides to playing the "villain" in the NBA is that billion dollar companies like McDonalds and Coke have a harder time selling their product if nobody likes you. Behold the law of unintended consequences.

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Kevin Durant Likely to Start NBA All-Star Game | NewsOK

Game starters will be officially announced on January 27 on TNT. I'm sure Sir Charles will have nothing to say about that.

Oklahoma Sports Hall of Fame Names Newest Members | NewsOK

Former NBA player John Starks will be among the local stars that are being inducted. If you're a youngster, Starks offered himself as a long-time foil to Michael Jordan, and had one of the most iconic plays in New York Knick history.

The Untouchables | DimeMag

Dime takes a look at the 10 guys who are least likely to be traded by their teams. I get the whole Blake Griffin phenomenon, but seriously, he plays for Donald Sterling. That is a mitigating factor of about half a billion. It may also be the only top 10 list that Roy Hibbert ever appears on.

Melo's Trade Becomes Agenda Battle | Yahoo! Sports

It is difficult to feel sympathy for a guy who in the middle of a theater in which he is the Knight or Rook being used to win the board stands to gain a $65 million contract. Melo is valuable, yes, but ultimately his career is expendable to the rest of the power players. So I do feel sorry for 'Melo, because he is almost certain to not have the kind of career I thought he would have in him.