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Afternoon Loud Links 1|12|11

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Mettle-testing game tonight.  Here are a few more things to read while you wait for tipoff.

Rockets Have Hammered Thunder in Houston | NewsOK

Mayberry points out that it has been a long, long time since the Thunder/Sonics have beaten the Rockets in Houston (2005). None of the current roster have tasted success while being associated with OKC. Houston has Aaron Brooks back, and they are striving to get back to .500.

Thunder Notebook: Houston's Kevin Martin on the Mend | NewsOK

Kevin Martin has posted 92 points in the past three games, but may be sitting out tonight due to a sprained wrist.

LeBron James continues his descent into villainy | Twitter

This is kind of a priggish, "thumb your nose" kind of gesture, but honestly, the Cavs deserve it at this point. They're not even trying anymore.

More links after the jump.

Tulsa 66ers Vaden Selected for 3-Point Contest.

The Thunder's D-League team the Tulsa 66ers offers up Robert Vaden for the 3-point shootout.

Questions Continue to Swirl About the Long-Term Future of the Hornets and Kings | OregonLive

An examination on what still might happen with these two franchises. Seattle remains on the short list of cities in play.

Best Dunks of the NBA Season So Far | Covers

Sure, it's contrived; everybody does these. But you and I will still watch every time.

Reality Rolls Over Suns Star Steve Nash | Arizona Republic

In which Steve Nash is compared to Sisyphus. Well, at least Sisyphus deserved his torture. The worst thing that Nash has ever done is look like a dork 50% of the time.