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Kings Re-name ARCO Arena | Sactown Royalty

The naming rights on Sacramento's ARCO arena expire this year, but the Kings have already found a replacement sponsor.  Their arena will now be known as "the Power Balance Pavillion".  Power Balance is a Southern California-based company that sells wristbands designed to "work with your body's natural energy field".........Whatever the new name for OKC Arena happens to be, I'm now confident it will not be the worst-named arena in the league.

Melo frustrated with trade rumors | NewsOk

Carmelo Anthony is put off by the way his trade has negatively affected other players, particularly teammate Chauncey Billups who could be traded to Jersey with Anthony.  Chauncey missed practice on Monday and went 1-5 on field goals last night in the Nugs' win against Phoenix.

Kath sings Nate Robinson's tweets | YouTube

A hilarious video of Kathy Anderson playing acoustic guitar backed by lyrics formed entirely from quotes from Celtics guard Nate Robinson's twitter account.  The track includes the compelling chorus: "should i cut my hair or keep the hi-top fade ? what do y'all think ?"

LeBron James at center? Get used to it | ProBasketballTalk

LBJ played minutes at the 5 in the closing period of Sunday's game.  Erik Spoelstra has said we'll see more of it to showcase the Heat's versatility.  But this strategy will probably only be used against teams without a dominant center.  So there's a chance we might see a LeBron V Krstic match-up when Miami comes to town at the end of the month.  Which would probably be pretty comical.

Boundary & Nexus: Maximizing Inefficiency | Hardwood Paroxysm

A very interesting, but pretty lengthy post about long-2s.  These 16'-23' shots are generally regarded by most coaches and analysts as the least efficient shot in the game.  This article challenges that notion and delves into the stats regarding it (Long-2s taken, allowed, offensive efficiency, and defensive efficiency).