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I Have the Power! Week 11 NBA Power Rankings

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The Thunder have been surging with two consecutive physical wins over Western Conference foes. Their next big test comes soon; they play the Rockets on Wednesday, and they then will have the Magic and then the Lakers. Thunder up.

From Around the NBA:

SB Nation 10 (11) I like Ziller, but I've re-read his comment 5 times and still am not sure what his point is.
ESPN - Hollinger 10 (11) Winning margin still not as strong as the top contenders.
ESPN - Stein 8 (8) Despite defensive struggles, they're still the object of the Northwest's envy. 8 (9) Thunder adept at halftime adjustments on the defensive end.
CBS Sports 9 (8) Time to sell on Mo-Pete? They still need a shooter.
ProBasketballTalk 7 (8) Durant rounding into form has pushed him back up the MVP candidate rankings.
Hoopsworld 8 (8) Magic & Lakers coming up. Time for a statement game.
Hoops Karma 6 (7) Need strong follow ups after big wins.
FoxSports 8 (10) They're in first; it's time to act like a division leader.
SportsIllustrated 9 (9) Durant playing farther away from the rim than last year has negatively impacted his overall game.
Covers 7 (11) Waiting for that season-defining run.
Dime Mag n/a (9) n/a
Remaining rankings will be updated as they become available.