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Afternoon Loud Links 1|10|11

A bit of a slow news day today, as the Thunder have three off-days before their Wednesday evening game against Houston.  Here are a few more links to help you keep ignoring your Monday work load.

Rating the NBA's Top Benches | ESPN

John Hollinger examines which teams possess benches that are an asset to their respective teams. If you look at the included table, it might seem that the Thunder's bench is decent but not great (ranked 11th). I would suggest removing the teams that have sub- .500 records and take another look. If you do that, now the Thunder are in the company of the teams (with the exception of Denver) that will most definitely be competing in the playoffs. 

Not-So-Eagerly Awaiting the Day When All NBA Stars are on 6 Teams | Star Tribune

I understand the concerns about players teaming up with other stars, but this sabre-rattling is getting downright silly. I honestly think it's an excuse for people who don't like the NBA to continue having a reason why they don't like the NBA.

Goodbye? | TimesCall

Some more summarization of the potential Carmelo Anthony trade sweepstakes (read ours; it's better).  One pertinent piece of info though - 'Melo shares agents with another free agent-to-be.  Of these two big fish, I'm not sure which one is the bigger prize catch.

More links after the jump.

NBA D-League: Prospect Watch |

A brief look at some of the Developmental League prospects, which include Latavious Williams of the Tulsa 66ers. He's a high school draftee, but he does have one magical word connected to his name: rebounding.

Andray Blatche on Weight-lifting and Finesse | DC Sports Bog

We trust in Presti, yes we do. But please for the love of all that is good and orange and round, if you're looking for a big post player, stay away from guys like this.

James, Randolph Earn NBA Player of the Week Honors | El Paso Times

With the way Randolph has been busting up teams (including the Thunder), I can't really argue with that one.

It's Been a Great Two Weeks for Seattle Sports Fans | The Seattle Times

Seattle fans, still looking for some daylight. Thanks, porous New Orleans secondary.