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The Clipboard: No D in OKC | Basketball Propectus

It's no secret that the Thunder's defense has dropped off.  The club went from finishing 8th in defensive rating and1st in blocks, down to 17th in total D so far this season.  Even though every starter besides Jeff Green have improved their individual defensive rating, the team is playing worse defense as a whole, particularly on iso plays and spot-up shots.

Nets close to landing Anthony | Yahoo!

Nothing's official yet, but the Nets, Nuggets, and Pistons have been negotiating a massive three-way deal that could send Chauncey Billups, Richard Hamilton and Melo to the Nets, Troy Murphy and Johan Petro to Detroit, and Devin Harris, Derrick Favors and picks to the Nuggets.

LBJ acting very unpresidential | NBA Facts & Rumors

The Heat beat the Blazers in a very entertaining overtime game last night.  With about two minutes left in OT, LeBron hit a 3 off a screen and then spanked himself while coming back down the court.  I don't know if it was a gesture meant for the Rose Garden crowd as some people believe, but it mainly just seems really, really weird.  Post-game James said he's "accepted this villain role everyone has placed on me".  Yes, LeBron James is bad, and apparently needs a spanking.

With CBA talks looming, owners committed to spending less | CBS Sports

However, if cooler heads do not prevail, the owners will be so entrenched and determined to make a work stoppage pay off that they will push to cancel the entire season to cripple the National Basketball Players Association and implement the drastic changes they are seeking.

Basically, if a lockout is the only way to get the players to cave, then the owners are really going to make them cave.